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Keep your Freon cool flowing

When your Freon seeps away, it can not only prevent your A/C system from cooling, it can cost you a bundle. Don't let it happen. Have your system regularly inspected and serviced by JD HAVAC.


Don't let Freon loss put a freeze on your wallet

Home or business, call JD HAVAC for regular cooling system tune-ups to ensure everything is running optimally. Simple problems that go untended, like Freon leaks, can end up costing you a bundle in lost energy and eventual repairs. Only a certified technician is permitted to handle Freon problems, so give our qualified staff a call today!

Did You Know:

  • A 10% loss of Freon or coolant may raise your electrical costs by 20%
  • Freon loss can cause compressor failure
  • Freon loss can cause your evaporator coil to freeze
  • Freon leaks do not get smaller, they usually get worse!

Have your Freon checked every season

We service all major brands of air conditioner, and guarantee our repairs for at least 1 year. We can come check on your Freon levels with a yearly pre-season tune up and monitor your A/C’s other components at the same time. Take a look at this Freon repair informational brochure to learn more about what causes Freon leaks and how they impact your home.

Don't Freon loss put a freeze on your wallet.
Call us to regularly inspect your cooling equipment.


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